30 mars 2005

You have GOT to be kidding me

The most ludicrous scene happened in front of my very eyes - well, via TV - yesterday. Think a bunch of very reasonable-looking people (some might even go so far as to say intelligent-looking). Think laboratory. Think research. Think vivisection. No, stop. Think sex.
Well, it just looks like some scientists have gone and done it. They found THE research area. They're watching mice have sex. And commenting on it in real time. There's no way to describe it without going graphic (as graphic as I can be on mice, and it's on a par with my knowledge of goldfish physiology). On go the mice, and out comes the scientists' voice over: "Pénétration. Stimulation. Ejaculation" (I believe there's no need to translate here).
I kid you not. I'm sure they've triggered many a vocation in a few gullible teenagers' minds.
This was a pseudo investigative journalism programme on the shittiest, most outrageously brain-killing network in France, TF1*. They were actually interspersing** their report (on sex and how it's become so pervasive) with cheap clips from porn movies***. That's how far they're ready to go in the name of journalistic integrity.
I'm so impressed.

* I just happened to be watching it. For investigative reasons of my own.
** Said I would use complicated words. There you go.
*** Not showing anything, you understand, but I'd wager my wages that they were - shoddy camera work, ridiculously bad acting and slutty looks, what else could it be?

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