18 mars 2005

Will today ever end?

Gaaah, I'm having the longest, most boring day ever. No, not ever, I can think of a whole week not that long ago.
I don't know if St Patrick's Day can ever have that effect in France, but basically, it's like everybody's on holiday again, or nursing their hangovers (why is it that I always want to spell that hungovers? I wonder). No e-mails (apart from ridiculously sender-ed spams), hardly a phone call to wake me from this mind-numbing daze I'm in, definitely none anyway that'll have me hang up the phone going "Arrggghhh, how bloody stupid can you get" or "Arrggghhh, how do I have to spell no for you to understand", or "Arrggghhh, oh hi, is that you boss". Nuttin'. Some of the blogs I read have not even been updated - as they SHOULD have been.
I have a bit of stuff to translate, but come on, that's not going to happen now, right?
The cerebral death of me. 30 more minutes and I'll run away screaming.

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