16 mars 2005

Blogger, if you're listening

Get your act together, darling, it's getting a tad annoying to not be able to post like I really want to. What is it, blatant anti-IE-ism? I've Mozilla at work, IE at home, and I have to use my remote connection to work if I want to be able to post from home. Silly, incredibly time-consuming and unbelievably annoying.
So you win, I'm trying to download Mozilla as I type, but as you can imagine, it ain't easy, what with being remotely connected and all.
So I'm asking of you, please. Get your arse in gear and find a way to fix this. Or I'm going to Blogware.

Apparently, it was my mistake. So, Blogger, if you're still listening, heartfelt apologies - not quite heartfelt, but you get the jist. David, merci.
It did feel good to whine though.

Update - bis
No no no no, you're not off the hook. It's still horrible. DO SOMETHING.

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