03 mars 2005

L'heure est grave

My goldfish is fading away, I'm afraid. I don't really know what to do, considering I've no idea how to do CPR on a 5x1cm creature. Plus where IS the heart on those? The fact remains: Arthur is currently lying on its (his?) side, dangerously close to the surface.
Now, don't go thinking I'm not devastated. I am. This is my way to cope.
Depending on its (his?) state tomorrow (ie, if it's (he's?) floating belly up), I might not be able to post. I just thought I'd let you know, give you time to prepare psychologically for my absence while I recover.
Because let's face it, I will recover. But I will probably never be the same.

Update - 4 March
Well, Arthur is still alive. Not quite kicking, but hey.
It (he?) is only 6 months-and-a-bit old. Strange. My guess is constipation (and not, as is being strongly hinted at in the comments, bad treatment), but I don't have laxatives, much less in homeopathic, fish-compatible form.

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