08 mai 2010

I have excuses!

I've missed you, blog! Many a time, i've even had ideas! And then they were gone. Let's blame visiting friends, work, life, the universe and pretty much nothing, shall we?
Things are going about as well as an arranged marriage between a megalomaniac president and a power-hungry model-turned-singer (there may be extra dashes here. I like dashes, i don't care.).
I kinda feel like whining whining whining, whhhhhhaaaaa------aaaaaaa------yyyyy?! WHY do bad things happen to good people?!
Ooh, q
uoting from sitcoms that have been canceled for YEARS. Surely that's the acid test of things going bad. I'm not even sure i'm using "acid test" right. Although it has to be more apt than "litmus test", right? Anyway, full disclosure, i actually use the above quote all. the time. I have no shame, no credibility, no nothing.

All right, so that was last month.
Since then, i've stopped having to cross two rivers to go to work,
i've visited Canada only to spot zero mountie, taken up a job as a part-time, temporary world-saver (kinda), had two MASSIVE (and pitifully unrequited) crushes, and changed the furniture around in my bedroom (i don't think the two are related). I've also had the first sunburn of the season, the first pedicure of the season (what?! i live in NYC! sacrifices must be made on the altar of Sex and the City even if you're not a church-goer), the first bomb scare of the season, the first health scare of the season, and i've been called "babe" by a cute, tattooed, bare-chested (male) bartender in a trendy gay bar. Win some, lose some, i guess.

On the other hand, if things go as they look like they're going to be going at the end of the year, i.e. not quite pear-shaped, but definitely not Chrysler-building-shaped either (see the afore-professed (etc.) love for dashes), i have plans to last me a lifetime. Well. Not quite a lifetime maybe, but at least 6 months. First of all, do let me keep my illusions. Delusions. Whichever. And second, in the words of the New York lottery: Hey, you never know.