05 juillet 2010

Creative outlets, take 666

Hello Hello ello lo o

So. One more notch on my failure belt, eh.

Here's the thing. Fence set up a forum, for readers and lovers and purchasers and downloaders of books, and there's a little niche for fiction as well, and i think i may use that if inspiration ever strikes. HA! As. If.
So i'm just going to officially abandon this*. I'll be there, i'm on Flickr, on Twitter, on Facebook and on LinkedIn. Surely the virtual world doesn't need me to be any more present than that.

Anyway. The forum is called Books are Dangerous! Which is true.
And it's at: http://www.booksaredangerous.net/

Go! Go!

* It'll stay up, however, because i don't want to lose the comments. Also, there are some pretty good links at right. And if statcounter is to be believed, my opinion on soy sauce and FloJo's nails matters to quite a few people, in fact.