12 mars 2009

The queen bee wins! Again!

You know, it feels pretty nice to be "back" - however long this particular streak is going to be, no one knows, but one thing's certain: Blogger breeds more familiarity than Facebook.
Isn't it funny how we always gripe about high school "friends" and family and workmates, and yet we rush to reconnect with those very same people, with shrieks so high-pitched it's a wonder there aren't more dogs on Facebook?
Then again, maybe "funny" isn't quite the word i'm looking for.
I've decided to accept all the friend requests i get - as long as they come from someone i actually know (or even know of), of course, and not from some perv who likes it when his/her number of friends is odd - in many different ways.
I don't send
out requests, though. Let's face it, i just couldn't cope with the rejection. Which is funny in so many regards i don't even know where to begin.
The whole social network thing is, in fact, pretty ludicrous.
All right, you know what? I haven't the faintest idea where i was going with this. I started this a few days ago, but since then, i've tried to figure out focal length in zoom numbers rather than mm, had to hedge $20,000,000 as if i was a corn producer, had to face a live cockroach first thing in the morning (don't squash it! don't. squash it!), had to outsmart (ha!) the subway people for a seat on the train or just a space on the stairways (did you know the NJ people did not want you to walk up - or down - the stairs on your way to work? they don't. they want you to die trampled to death by the oncoming mob of their "brains! brains!" chanting co-commuters. and no, this is not a rage-induced stammer.), and had to face my blatant inability to do either of those things*. And you want me to discourse at length on the irony that is online social networking? Aren't you naive.

* Actually, that's a lie. The roach was coaxed towards impending doom, the fool. And flushed down the drain. I DID NOT SQUASH IT.

07 mars 2009

Call it an itch that needed to be scratched.
I may or may not be back, but i felt like writing something. In fact, i've felt like writing for a long time now, but kept chickening out. And with good reason, it turns out: after giving this link to a friend of mine, i went back and re-read some of the stuff i'd posted*.
You mad people you. Were you that bored that you kept coming for more? The crap i've written. Dear Lord the crap i've written. I used to spell "weekend" with a dash and no one said anything?! Have you no dignity people?! (Actually, i still don't know how to spell "weekend". [One word or two?] Or "no one", for that matter.)
In the event that i should be back for good (or bad, or better, or worse, whatever), i'm not sure what this will be turn out to be - a blog blog, a fiction blog, or a ghostly abandoned blog (well, i could just look at it every now and again (that green really
is very pretty) and technically i would be back.) Or maybe it'll just be the same old mishmash of-- dear Lord the crap i've written.

Two things, then i'll press the "Publish" button before i change my mind.
One, I've trashed the other blog, because we just weren't clicking. I mean, we had some good times, it and me, but was it ever anything more than a glorified one-night stand? I wasn't in it for the long haul, and it had already started demanding attention, posts, a tweak of the template, etc. Way too high-maintenance. Whereas this one here, well, it's as comfortable as stinky slippers that you know you should wash but you just don't want to because, hey, if they ain't broke, why wash them.
And two, man have i missed html tags! And brackets, square and otherwise! Can't wait to use footnotes again!**

i probably won't be giving you much advice, because let's face it, who would want to follow it anyway? but heed this particular piece: don't do it.
** oh look!