14 mars 2005

Lonely Planet - Toulouse

You'd THINK that going down south would be a clever way to find more clement weather in winter. You'd THINK that 10 days before spring's official ETA, the weather down south would be even more clement. You'd THINK that packing light jumpers, a scarf and a mid-season jacket would not be taking too much of a risk. You'd think, wouldn't you? Well, think again. I freezed my butts off down there the first day.
Good thing I walked all afternoon while waiting for my friends (working, poor souls). That warmed me up.
And here's my conclusion: Toulouse is gorgeous in many aspects. Really. Extremely rich, history- and architecture-wise. There are a great many truly beautiful buildings (Musée des Augustins, Cathédrale Saint-Etienne, Les Jacobins, Lycée Pierre Fermat among many many others), the streets are lovely, old, paved, sunless, very romantic.
I, however, wouldn't want to live there. Ever. But that's just me.

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