15 mars 2005

A couple of morning thoughts

First, we're only 6 days away from spring. That's less than a week. We've never been so close, right? (The first smart alec who says that 16 March last year was closer gets a severe I don't know what yet, but it will be severe.)

Second, is it part of a www conspiracy against my poor feeble defenceless self or are there simply soooo many bloggers out there that the eponymous (hurray*) blogger.com can't keep up? Because I've been experiencing more than my share of problems with it lately. And I don't deserve that. I'm feeble. And defenceless. And I won't even consider being one of those too many: when I started, it was fine. All the trouble started in the past fortnight. So there.

Third, on a related note, why is everyone changing their template? More to the point, why aren't I and how are they all doing it? Am I a fraud because blogging should be reserved for computer people and nobody even knows how I got in in the first place? Could somebody help me revamp my thingy? I'd be grateful. Forever. Well, for a wee while anyway.

* I shall endeavour to use difficult words, either in spelling or in acception, regularly, and not only on other people's blogs.

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