01 mars 2005

Who said it was antisocial?

I'm a bit annoyed. What is it with wanting me to stop smoking?
I can totally understand that people would want to kick it, because it's so bloody expensive, for one thing. Or, yeah, because it's unhealthy, dangerous, lethal, you name it. But some of my friends have stopped smoking of late and it's like they're born again.
Suddenly they've got this compulsion to just explain to me how free they feel, not to mention the horrible horrible things that smoking does to me. Well, I've seen the pictures. I've seen the blackened lungs and rotten gums. I've watched Dead Again with Andy Garcia smoking through his trach apparatus thingy. It's not deterred me so far, so do you really think a do-gooder attitude is going to help any? Yeah? Well think again.
To be honest, Andy Garcia making smoke O's through his throat almost did the trick. But then I was on a plane at the time, so there wasn't much decision involved. And the moment I hit the ground, my hand was on auto pilot, rummaging through my bag for my ciggies.
And I did stop smoking once. It lasted all of six weeks. You wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere around me at that time.
So quit and be done with it, but don't try to drag me down with you. I want to inhale and feel the nicotine mellowing me from the inside. I want to huddle out in the cold on my breaks during working hours and just puff away at my cancer stick.
And I get to meet lots of lovely other addicts while I'm at it.
I'm not alone.

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