08 mars 2005

Scum of the earth

How is it possible to show so little respect for the people that pay you to deliver a very specific service? I am so pissed off right now I feel my insides wanting to pop right out of my chest. Ever felt that way?
Details. I bought my flat 2.5 years ago. There were some works to do, which I waited a bit to do, obviously: I needed time to save a little bit, I wasn't about to pay in kind. Eew. I have to stop visualising.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, my bathroom was retiled and repainted at the beginning of October. Mid-December, I noticed the paint was starting to peel on the ceiling. Within two months of the job. Slightly amused bordering on annoyed, I called the artisan (can't be bothered looking up that word, sorry - if anyone reads that and knows, please can you tell me?). He came round, checked the peel, and declared it to be due to a leak from the flat upstairs.
So I go, cheerful and nice and polite and courteous, at that point, because after all, it was a leak and paint peeling, not a bona fide flood, to my neighbour, point at the damage, and we both agree that something needs to be done. Insurance-wise, for instance. Call them up, they send me a statement and tell me that I need to talk to my "managing agent", that a leak needs to be investigated by them bla bla.
To try and cut it short again, I phone the buggers, they tell me they have everything under control, that everything will be done as requested, that they are on top of things yadda yadda.
Well, one month and umpteen messages later, they have never called me back. My insurance on the other hand has, saying that 6 weeks is a bit long to fill in a statement, and I'm once again chasing the bastards at the agency.
I want to yell at them to go f*ck themselves backwards and that they'd better not hope I'll pay them at all this year, that their reputation is done for, because I'll be personally taking care of that, and that I very very much want to line them up against a wall and just shoot them all, no warning.
Do I need lithium or a hitman?

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