09 mars 2005

Ah the inequity

Things I hate about my Flatmate is a collection of details about that John Doe's flatmate that irritate the hell out of him.
I'm a bit perplexed by that blog. The total lack of niceness is obviously to be expected, but I also thought it would be funny, and to me, it just manages to sound prissy. Which is very disappointing, especially when you read the comments and they all seem to find it hilarious.
Maybe it's a question of age. I'm so mature now. Aye right.
Anyway. My question is, this blog is so hugely popular - and I mean hugely: it's gone over the 116,000 hit-mark in its two months of existence. How??? How is that possible, when I've read quite a few others that are way more profound, extremely well written, numerous times as funny, and show fewer typos (most of which - blogs, not typos - are on the side-bar, but I've still got a few up my sleeve) and still ten times less visited.
That might be because this blog is the best study
I've seen - or cared about - in marketing efficiency. (Not that I really care about it that much, it's just that I don't have any inspiration this morning, and I have pledged to try and bore you senseless at least once a working day. So that's that.) If you have a Blogger blog and go to the dashboard, said blog is prominently displayed among the "blogs of interest". Given the title, even I clicked the link - I'm nasty that way. So if everybody does the same, his stats are necessarily gonna go through the roof. But still, the mystery remains as to why we come back.
Because, let me not kid myself or you, I am coming back. Every day, dutifully, I'll go and check what she's now done to propell his blood-pressure to yet unreached levels (and nothing posted so far today, I call it utter disrespect of the reader).

So another question would be: Have we reached such a stage in boredom, ennui, and disinterest in our own lives that we need to go and check out others'? What has made this blog fad so huge, apart from the obvious trend nowadays to want to know how the other half lives? Reality TV programmes, for instance, they've already done it all - always trashy, never quite the same target, and the audience keeps coming. Another case in point for marketing efficiency I suppose, as that success is certainly not based on quality content.

Now, my other really important question is this: why aren't I a blog of interest? Huh? Huh?
No, don't answer that.

Typical... the Things I hate about my flatmate blog is now defunct. The guy is moving out. Now I get to live with the guilt of this coincidence.

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