16 mars 2005

Links galore

Boy oh boy, the Bloggies frenzy has caught up with me belatedly*.
Having seen Zoe win best European blog, Scaryduck not win best tagline (robbed blind, and the only one I'd voted for to boot), I decided that I would have a little read of all nominated or awarded blogs whose title appealed to me (nothing on telly, what can I say). So I started, cheerful and unaware. Little did I know I had opened Pandora's box. Not to say any of said blogs are evil, quite the contrary m'dear, but once I'd started reading What's new, pussycat, I thought it was quite good, so I looked at her blogroll, and went on to Scottish blogs (because I'm a sucker for all things Scottish anyway), had a wee look at that, came back to the Bloggies page, went on to La coquette, had a good read of that, tried This fish, had a go at Bookslut, forgive me but I passed on the tech/info blogs (no point reading what I don't have a chance in HELL of understanding a single word of, is there), went on instead to Tom Coates (life-time achievement award, and he looks like he's EVEN younger than me...) and on and on and on I went.
It was all really good, and I'm not passing judgement here - merely saying, if you want to know how the other half lives (and we've already been through that conversation), you might as well give those a go. Including and not limited to the ones on the right-hand menu. It's fun, it's light, it's heavy and a little scary at times, it's you, me, them, everybody. With a knack for writing that is. And that makes it so bloody pleasant.

* Hopefully after this post, I'll be done blog navel-gazing. Can't promise anything though.

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