16 mars 2005

My print on the planet

This is a bit scary. I was talking about that with my friend in Toulouse and thought, OK, let's bite that bullet and see how much of the planet me, myself and I truly waste.

How much of the planet do YOU waste?

The link is in French, because I tried to find it on the UK, US and Australian WWF sites and couldn't. Please let me know if you find it, I'll update this.

Basically, I scored 4.2, i.e. I require 4.2 hectares of the planet. If everybody scored the same, we would need 2.2 planets to accomodate us living on it, and 80% of the population requires less than 4 hectares.
Now, to assuage the guilt a little, if I eat a little less meat, I'm below that threshold - I'll switch to soy proteins anyday now.

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