09 mars 2005

Comic relief twist contest

OK, not quite a twist contest, but Mike at Troubled Diva has started a song listing for a virtual blogmeet. Is that something to look forward to? Yay!
Especially as it's all in the name of Comic Relief - which we don't have in France (no comic, nor relief...) so I thought I'd chip in in what little way I can.

Now, I really need suggestions for this because otherwise it's all gonna end up in obscure French songwriters or not necessarily golden but definitely oldies or rap crap*. Please tell me what you think should be played at this "blogmeet to end all blogmeets". Much appreciated. Ta.

I'll decide what gets posted on Mike's entry du jour, because as everybody else seems to be saying these days, it's my blog, and I never said it was a democracy.

* Of course not, but I just can't think of a really really interesting tune. I'm weak.

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