05 mars 2005


That's what I am.
I found this link on one of Zoe (of My Boyfriend is a twat fame)'s comments.

If you can't be bothered opening the title link*, here's the jist of the thing. According to Jalopnik,

the market of “menage-a-trois weekenders” in France is large enough for automakers to make a point of addressing.
That is so unfair. Thinking that France is the country of sex, lurve and depravity is one thing, but pretending that we're open-minded enough to actually go on week-ends with Boyfriend #1 and Boyfriend #2, or for Hubby (not ours, understand, but hers) to treat us both to a romantic mini-break, however cool the new car's name is, now that's just plain silly. The whole point of a ménage à trois is to have your cake and eat it, but not at the same time, nor in the same place, except in poorly written theatre plays.
And were our Hubby ever to suggest such a preposterous idea as a romantic mini-break à trois, our Hubby would instantly find himself out in the gutter with the rest of his stuff in a sodden and probably ripped to pieces pile next to him. But our Hubby would never even think of having a bit on the side. And as long as our Hubby stuck to that rule, he'd be fine.

* But I do recommend that you give Zoe's site a visit, even several, because she's really good at that maintaining-an-interesting-website-dash-blog thing (unlike me**).

** If you could dispel this clearly unfounded belief in the comments***, that'd be much appreciated.

*** Also, if you stumble upon this site and read even one of those silly paragraphs, feel free to comment anyway. You don't actually have to butter me up, and I might even edit or delete your comments if they in any way, shape or form are offending or make me appear wrong or stupid, but I fear the five people who've been commenting (for which I'm very grateful by the way) might feel a leetle beet lonely.

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