26 mars 2005

Du sang et des larmes

At long last*, the French authorities have launched a campaign that shows blood and possibly brain matter (I haven't investigated that closely, to be honest) to "promote" the seatbelt at the back of the car.
Believe me, I'm not being patronising, I hate wearing a seat belt because it makes me feel trapped (and no, I'm not claustrophobic) and presses on my breasts, which is extremely uncomfortable. So I often don't - stop booing at the back.

Follow that link, click on the buckle to enter, click on the Campagne button and it will show you the video. If you don't speak French, the woman is just saying that something is missing from the car. What is it, can you spot it?
Suffice it to say that one of the guys won't have to fill in his tax form. And let that be a lesson to me and everyone else who is scratching their head trying to cope with that particular governmental torture instrument: there is a way out, people!

Now, because I like to launch debates in which no one else will comment, does anyone else feel like the belt can be a little dangerous too? Every time I do buckle up, I feel a little apprehensive that should I be in an accident, I'll be so panicky that I won't be able to undo the belt before the car bursts into flames and I die a horrible, slow and very painful death, trapped in the car in an Audrey-Rose kind of way. Shudder. Who else saw that movie when they were really young and got an actual trauma from it? I vividly remember the exact circumstances, and I was something like 10 (for those of you who are trying to figure my age out from this bit of information, don't bother, I saw it on TV).

* Actually they
had already done a similar stint for road safety, but I didn't have a blog then.So there you go, now you know, I will twist information so it fits my requirements. Be warned.

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