02 juin 2005

Oi, lightning, strike me!

Or something.
I don't think I've ever felt more... unproductive, uninspired and uncreative than since I quit my job.
Obviously, my metro commute, for all the foul talk that it triggered in me, was acting muse. Or maybe it was the tedium involved in part of my job description. Or maybe, just maybe, it was going out and seeing people?
I spent yesterday locked up at home, trying to work on a translation that my boss - sweet man - gave me to get me started on freelancing. Well I think it's safe to say now that I've tried that I
badly need to clean up my act (and my flat) and get organised, or I'll never be an efficient, money-making, hard-talking freelancer. Which is in any case fine by me, I've always said I needed to be around people to function properly, or as properly as is physically (and mentally goes without saying, but you know, just to be on the safe side...) possible with me.
Anyway, this wasn't particularly meant for me to mope, or in any way, shape or form convey some "oh she's feeling sorry for herself a-gain" kind of tone. I really meant it as a warning - which goes to show that try as I might, this writing gig is really way out of my league. You, my faithful readers,
either need to consider taking me out of your favourite links, or will forever take the chance of misinterpreting this not-so-daily-anymore meaningless drivel.
Back to the warning that didn't dare show its true face. The translation is reaching completion. Watch out, people, watch out. Because I'll soon be living the life, walking the walk, talking the talk, and whatever else of which you can use the verb and noun in the same sentence*. Also, I'm going to have to spend hours at administrative and public offices, with lots of civil servants (and you know what they say about those in France. I usually try not to howl with the crowds, but when I signed up on Blogger, I think it involved selling a litle bit of my soul to the devil).
All that means I'll have plenty blog fodder to throw at you until you are nauseous. And I'll expect you to read it all.

* Oh, I was told that British schools don't teach proper grammar anymore, so instead of saying "verb", for instance, they'll call it "action word". Debate.

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