20 juin 2005

Some anti-climax

Tony.T has once more expressed it better than me.
I'm completely depressed to be back (from being back?) from my holiday, which was fantastic, sunburn and leprosy-ridden back notwithstanding, and although a couple of interesting (to me anyway) things happened, I can't seem to be able to put them down properly in pseudo-writing.
So I'll just visit y'all and comment (or lurk if I can't think of anything intelligent to say or if I realise it's not intelligent before I hit the post button) for a while.
Plus it's way too hot in Paris right now, and not a pool or a beach or a couple of drop-dead gorgeous guys
in swimming trunks, with light-coloured eyes and a fantastic smile, in sight, no blasting music within earshot, no elderly couples criticising the food begging for a good smacking anywhere around, and so much laundry to attend to that really, count your blessings. I could have ranted and unashamedly felt sorry for myself.
Ooh wait, I'm doing just that.

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