15 juin 2005


Sun, beach, pool, and a team of people on crack to entertain you at all times of the day... It's good. In a very strange, I-hope-I'm-not-doing-it-again-anytime-soon-because-I'm-just-too-young-for-this kind of way.
People here are absolutely lovely, and smiling, and funny... And I do love the fact that in Tunisia, "random storm showers" (?) translate into a hot and sunny - if ever so slightly overcast - day...
I'm burnt to a crisp, so I guess that'll teach me to go to a sunny country without my skiing outfit, and I'm generously letting my back take a breather lest I spontaneously combust and before I go back to turning an ever-deeper shade of prune.
I hope you're doing good, I'm just dandy myself.

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