11 juin 2005

Meme'd. Again.

Brian in Sweden has tagged me with a movie meme. After long deliberations, I've decided to forgive him because he told me jokes yesterday.

Total Number of Films Owned: 27 on DVD, about 50 on tapes, most of which were recorded from TV (yes, I still own a VCR - but then it did take me about 5 years to get a toaster).

Last Film Bought: Either West Side Story or La Meglio Gioventu.
Last Film Watched: The Interpreter. Are we talking at the movies or on DVD? Because that would be, I'm not sure, Shadow of a doubt, maybe.
Five Movies that I Watch Frequently or Mean Something to Me: I don't know, I haven't watched movies frequently for a long time now. And be grateful for small favours, because among the ones I do remember watching frequently is a small gem called Dirty Dancing (I was 15, give me a break!), even though there are real goodies: The Sure Thing, Ferris Bueller's Day off, Rio Bravo (well... not much to say against this one, have you?), Lost in Translation. I'll have to watch Sin City again, does that count as frequently? Actually, La Meglio Gioventu means something to me too. Woah! I can't believe I was forgetting Zoolander. Well, there you go. Deleting the older proposals, that means we're clear of Dirty Dancing.

I'm still not tagging, because I'll only inflict a meme on those who want them.
Is it OK if I don't hyperlink the titles either? It is Saturday morning...

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