12 juin 2005

Questions, questions

I'm away again, but this time, I'm coming back with a tan. Yay!
I know, I'm overdoing this catching-up on lost holiday time, now. I'll be away for a week: off to Tunisia with a friend, with the lightest bag I've ever taken with me.
We'll be arriving in Hammamet at about 2:00 a.m. tonight, so I'm expecting the same kind of surprises as Adamant was describing in Athens..., things you can't guess from the brochure and when you do notice them, it's just too late. But we don't care, we'll be in the sun, toing and froing between the pool and the beach, along with half of Germany's pensioners.
Chances are I won't be able to update at all during this time. I'd like to ask somebody to blogsit for me, but that would just be pretentious, wouldn't it.
Anyway. You all have a fantastic week while I miss you a lot, alright?

In the mean time, I have a couple questions I'd like answers to (I just love leaving prepositions at the end of my sentences - such a rebel)
, and I would probably show long-lasting gratitude if you provided said answers (and one confirmation, really).

1. Why is it that at rush hour, you can wait forever for a bus, but at 10:30, you'll see three empty ones, each one hot on the (w)heels of the previous one?

2. Why, after Star Wars and the Anakin/Padme age debacle, did Sin City think it would be all right for Bruce Willis to be, and I quote, "pushing 60" at the beginning of the movie, which in all logic means he's pushing 68 at the end, without it showing at all, and with a little bit of an inconsistency re his wife...? (if you answer this, don't spoil anything for those who have to wait till September (!) to see it, please)

2b. While we're at it, can you explain Josh Hartnett? Careful again with the potential spoilers. e-mail me (address in the sidebar).

3. I've just escaped a re-run of The Equalizer, which prompts me to ask: who in their right mind would name their child Edward when their last name is Woodward? And why did nobody protest?

4. Isn't Johnny Bravo an excellent show? I might be in love.

5. What is that Thomas Vinterberg "Dear Wendy" movie? (can't be bothered looking into IMdB, I'm THAT lazy just now)

6. mysfit and monkey 0 need your help. What does FCL stand for?

7. For those of you who've seen The Interpreter, what did you think? For those of you who are interpreters or translators (ahem), isn't the following dialogue just fantastic?
Tobin Keller: How do you feel about him?
Silvia Broome: I don't care for him.
Tobin Keller: Wouldn't mind if he were dead?
Silvia Broome: I wouldn't mind if he were gone.
Tobin Keller: Same thing.
Silvia Broome: No it isn't. If I interpreted gone as dead I'd be out of a job, if dead and gone were the same thing there'd be no UN.

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