27 juin 2005

Honour thy father and thy mother

My parents are staying with me for a few days. Stress notwithstanding, it's actually quite cool.
Oh come on, who's not stressed to have their parents stay with them for three whole days plus first dinner and last breakfast...? You have to watch what you say and do, you have to juggle the degree of annoyance you're really allowed to show with the degree of maturity you're expected to show and the degree of childishness that you'll let yourself show because really I couldn't be mature all the time, that'd kill me - that's a lot of pressure, isn't it?
Anyway, turns out it's pretty relaxed. Turns out I really need my father to do the DIY for me, and my mom to judge if everything is indeed as horizontal as it should be.
Let's go back a few months. When my bathroom was done over, the shower curtain took a dramatic turn for the lower and the rail had to be rested against the upper tiles. Hence, said curtain had to be cut, to reach an acceptable length and avoid rapid moulding by festering on the bottom of the tub. Are you disgusted yet? The worst is over. Cut I did, in a fit of rage, so the lower end of the curtain was not exactly level. An annoying detail in an almost new bathroom (less annoying than the leak that's ruining the new paint, but annoying all the same).
I tried to lift the rail with my own feeble armlets, but never managed to get to an acceptable height and the suction cups that hold it to the wall (I wasn't about to risk a limb by drilling holes, was I) had the nasty habit of not holding to the wall because the bloody rod wasn't level... Failure.
A friend of mine tried to do it again, because she's admittedly better than me at all this (and her boyfriend went "ooh boy, she's better than me too, let her handle it") and we fought the little shit for a while until she admitted defeat. My shower curtain was still a shaming memento of my inability to do anything remotely DIY.
And then my parents arrived on Saturday afternoon.
And on Sunday, I innocently went, "Oh, dad, d'you reckon you can lift the shower curtain rail a little higher? I really can't stand it at that level." And he did. It took about what, 16 seconds. Lifted it once. "Is that high enough?" Lifted it again. "Now?" Again. "Now?" I suspect he rather enjoyed the fact that still I needed him to do some of these chores that nobody had been able to complete so far.
Isn't it bizarre though that DIY-minded guys are fewer and farther between? Most of my male friends are as incompetent as I am in this department, and that's saying a bit.
Anyway, my parents are here until Wednesday, and I fully intend to make the most of it. I have shelves to put in, frames to hang, curtain rails (real ones) to fix...

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