29 juin 2005


I now have this horrible horrible smoker's cough that feels like somebody is ripping my ribcage apart with their bare hands. A little unpleasant but I suppose I should be grateful I have at least recovered my sense of smell.

My parents have just left, and if I may sound ungrateful (which I'm not), I'm kind of happy to have my flat all to myself again, however nice it is to go back to age 9.
They did manage to provide me with hours of entertainment and fun, though, by getting the car towed away for parking it on a no-parking spot. It's a bit stressful to get out, look for the car, not find it, phone 4 different numbers before you're finally put through to the Fourrière (pound), and hear: "oh yes it's here. It'll be €136 for the car plus €35 for the fine." Then we went to pick it up and got caught in rush hour traffic. Hours of fun, I'm telling you.
It's safe to say they're quite chuffed with the exciting turn that their parisian break took. Not only did they suffer from the heat, work for three days and did bugger all else (not from want of offering though, before you go and call me names), but they also spent a horrendous amount of money and they didn't even get a lousy t-shirt.
Mind you, I suppose you could say it's really quite cheap for a car.

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