03 juin 2005

There's no other case in her family

Went to see Star Wars yesterday.
I'm not sure what I thought of the movie, but I know I blew it with lots of people, with whom I'm sure I could have otherwise been friends (except for that couple who were sitting right beside me, because he was explaining lots of things to her, much as he would be, I'm sure, if they were in the privacy of their own home - I mean, there are lots of things that I still haven't understood, like why did no one react to the preposterous fact that Anakin met Padmé when he was 4 and she was already 20, and then poof, he grows older, but she just... stays there and watches or something, but still, you didn't hear me talk about it
with my friend during the movie, now, DID YOU?), *when we started practising the "vzeeoum", the "shhhhhhh" and the "Luke, I am your father". But hey, we thought it was funny.
Oh. Before you think I'm mad and once again accepting things from myself that I do not tolerate in others (like breathing sometimes). That little practising session? That was before and after. Not during.

* can you spot the beginning of that sentence? And John, what's a sentence?

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