23 juin 2005

And that's when you know you're past your prime

- Hey.
- Hey. Wow you're tanned.
- Yeah... God it's hot here.
- Yeah.

(couple of beers later)

- Politics bla bla
- Society bla bla
- Conspiracy theories bla bla
- Nail polish bla bla
- Yeah but politics and society bla bla
- Do you want to come back to ours for dinner? And a game of Trivial Pursuit?
- Sure.

(one dinner later)

- God it's hot.
- Yeah. Makes me all drowsy.
- Let's move to the couch. More comfy.
- We really should have a coffee.
- God I'm tired.
- Oh dear, it's only 11:00.
- We're old.
- Yeah. Thanks. Bye.
- Don't fall over on the street, OK?

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