09 mars 2006

What, already?!

I'm already being unfaithful. Gosh, it's true, what they say, isn't it. Comes the first lithe, young being or blog, you forget all about that dependable first wife. Or blog.
Does that even make sense? No. Of course it doesn't. What I mean is, I didn't write anything for this here site, because I posted something to Voice of a City. And considering what little brain I have, it was unlikely - to say the least - that I would have two interesting entries on the same day. Now. That's not to say that the Voice one is interesting. It's just my way of filling up space. 'Cause I love to. Fill up space. You know.
Mind you, I could have talked about how today's the birthday of the only girl that I ever fought with. As in, physical fight. As in, random slapping and shrieking (no mud). But I ain't gonna, because, after all, I fought with her, I'm hardly going to give her more space/time than she deserves, am I.
So how have you been?

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