28 mars 2006

Puzzling stuff

Last night, I came across Guest House Paradiso on the telly, with the two guys from "Bottom". Because I couldn't remember Bill Nighy's name (yeah, yeah, yeah), I looked the film up on the IMDb. Now if you scroll down the IMDb page, you'll see that if you liked this movie, they recommend... The Godfather Trilogy. ?
gmail may not be all it's cracked up to be. It does seem to fall apart a lot lately. However, they keep adding features and stuff to it. Why not make sure it works properly before adding all the bells and whistles?
Is it normal that just when I thought I had hit rock bottom, I'm proven wrong and something else hits?
Why is it that I can have the same conversation with my mom over and over, and still she doesn't seem to hear?
Remakes. Of good movies. Of excellent movies. Point?
Why is there never any chocolate in this house when I crave some?
When is Scorsese finally going to shoot his Dino movie? And, relatedly, please will he change the rumored cast?
In the grand scheme of things, how exactly is dust useful?
So many questions. So... many... questions.

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