22 mars 2006


Monkey0's fault.

Chastity turned around. Someone had clearly called her name but no one seemed to be looking at her.
She heard it again.
She frowned. That didn't sound like the tone of someone who was calling her.
"Chastity is the answer! The Messiah is coming! Do you want to stand tainted before your Lord and Savior? The Messiah is coming soon!"
She tuned the manic street preacher out. Heaven. He was calling her name in vain, and she couldn't even sue.
She hurried on, Dave was waiting. God she needed that fix. It was the only reason she was still ready to play blow-up doll to middle-aged, balding men with clammy hands.
"Hey. I thought you'd never get here."
"I'm here now."
They heard cars approaching. Approaching fast.
"What the fuck?"
Dave didn't look surprised.
"Sorry, babe... They had me."
"Fucker. Oh god. You fucker!"
"Hey, Chastity! Long time no see..." The cop snickered. "I told you last time that I'd see you again... Jesus, you never learned to stay out of trouble, did you? Come on, girl, on we go."

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