12 mars 2006

Following on.

As I had confirmation this weekend that spring was indeed upon us. Several confirmations even, and not just through the voices that keep muttering on and on and. on. inside my head.
First, Sunday was the first entirely beautiful day we've had in Paris for at least two weeks. And let me tell you, my dears, that two weeks of quasi-uninterrupted rain? Long time. Looong. Tiiime. I know I hadn't mentioned it before, but that's just because really, I don't like to complain.
And I'll let this sink in.
Second. In between my various social engagements - amongst which (yes, I'll be using "amongst" and "whilst" as of now, I think the class and elegance they bespeak becomes me. Or... something.) So. Amongst my various social engagements was an afternoon at the pub to watch the French rugby team whirl England above they rooster-apparelled bods (and what bods, but I'll be getting to that, so to speak) and launch them at some impressive speed out of the rugby arena. That really was unnecessary gloating, but boy does it feel good... Allez, les Bleus.
And to come back to my original sentence... In between my various social engagements this weekend, I watched a few episodes of two TV shows, namely 24 and Prison Break. The men in these shows. Honestly, people, why are you doing this to me? I'm having trouble concentrating on the dialogue, that's how flawless their... performance is.
And we're cunningly coming back to the rugby. Because some of those rugby players are really... good too. Let's just say it's no wonder that more girls have been watching the games lately. Well, us girls do like quality, and although there is a certain shortage of that in rugby, when there is quality, there is quality. I've been sort of following the rugby for a long time now (and that's not even a lie) but it's only this weekend that I realized why, really...
All of that combined, the top-notch acting,
the sun, the game quality... that I enjoyed this weekend - well, somehow it's wreaking havoc on my hormones. I don't really understand the inner workings of this, but my hormones, they are going crazy. Cray. Zee.
Spring I tell you.

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