26 mars 2006

Tinnitus woman

It sounds a bit like a soul song by Lenny Kravitz on acid, doesn't it?
It's not - it's a condition. To be honest, I'm not sure it's tinnitus. But it's annoying all the same. The bizarre thing is it only strikes in the evening. And it's not your regular, middle-of-the-road tinnitus either. Of course not, that would be too... normal for me. Sure, there's the buzzing and the whistling, though at irregular intervals, and not continuously thank god, but mostly there's a weird echoing sound like a pneumatic drill. Right there in that tiny little space between my eardrum and my brain. It's really rather uncomfortable if you ask me.
By the way... Having never heard a pneumatic drill, I don't think I have anyway, I wouldn't know what it sounds like. But you ask me to describe, so I tell you. In girl's words.
Now, I don't want any of this "oh my god, anne, maybe you have a brain tumor...!" nonsense, all right? I'm crazy, I have a slew of problems, but I do not have a brain tumor. Creutzfeldt-Jacob, maybe. You know, the mad-cow disease. That would be fitting, wouldn't it?
Creutzfeldt-Jacob has no symptoms like "hears sounds of a pseudo pneumatic drill at night".
Oh my god. Maybe I have a brain tumor.

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