01 mars 2006

Of mice and techniques

Well. Really, of techniques, but "Of mice and techniques" had a nice ring to it.
I mean mice are nice and all - and I might even discuss the
comparative merits of mice and ferrets in a future post - but my big question today is about techniques. Namely, what kind of technique can I adopt (and potentially even use - the daring! the boldness! the audacity!) to actually remember the various ideas that may venture through that wild maze of a mind of mine?
By the by, "various" does not even remotely imply numerousness. They vary in degree of interestingness, from 'not interesting but I'm sure I can get a hundred words on this' to 'not particularly thrilling, but it will have to do' - hence, various.**
And I don't mean that blogging/writing is the most exciting thing happening in my life right now - ach, who am I kidding, of course it is.
Anyway. It won't be for long if that blank thing that seems to be my brain these days carries on for much longer.
So. I actually like writing. Surprised, right? The way I carry on lately, you'd think writing was as much fun to me as a colonic (and to the minority of readers who do enjoy their monthly colonic - I am not judging), but in actuality, I rather enjoy it. And every now and again, when I'm doing cool stuff or interesting stuff or intelligent stuff or, hell, just stuff - and it's not such a frequent occurrence these days - an idea will pop into my head.
You'd think if an idea appears, I'll want to hold onto it, feed it, water it, make it feel loved and wanted and loved some more, so that it will stay, and grow to be the Pulitzer Prize-winning piece ever written in English by a French girl with no journalistic integrity, right? ("you'd think [...] right?" Just helping.)
Well I try. I do try, honest. Surprisingly, though, the idea always leaves. I know, the ungratefulness and all that. And yet, they all have, they all do, and I'm beginning to suspect that they all will. I can't have a proper, long-term relationship with my ideas. So I can't help but wonder*. Is it me? Am I doing something wrong?
I know relationships are all about compromises and self-sacrifice and the basic giving-up of your own personal ambitions to make sure your significant other's get fulfilled, but come on. That's exactly what I'm asking of my ideas. And they wouldn't even have to pay the bills and support the household while I study to get my degree, how much nicer can I get?
And I have tried the notebook. That bastard left me too.

onestly, that Carrie Bradshaw person has nothing on me. Nothing.
** For*** instance, this particular post would fit nicely in the second category.
*** You thought I had the star-thingy order wrong, didn't you? I hate being predictable.

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