23 mars 2006

French 101

Inspired by Alan's tirade against the mispronouncing of words, I have decided to lash out. First, because I haven't done that in a while. Second, because I felt like it, really.
You see, people have stopped saying "oui" in France. Surely that deserves a good lashing, no? They now say "tout à fait", which is just about the most unbelievably moronic-sounding phrase ever, in the "oui" context.
Sorry, I forgot. Let's get a few details out of the way. Oui, is French for yes. Tout à fait, is French for unbelivably moronic-sounding, in the oui context.
OK, now that we have the bases covered, let's proceed. This is especially true of people on TV, from the journalists, to the ordinary people and the moderately famous to completely overblown celebs. It's almost as if as soon as a camera's rolling, we can't use simple words anymore.
Ca va?
(You OK?) Tout à fait. (Unbelievably moronic-sounding.)
Isn't it cool that it's spring at last? Tout à fait.
Don't you feel like a moron saying tout à fait all the time? Tout à fait.
I rest my case.

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