16 mars 2006

Happy St Patrick's Day

To think the layout of this blog is useful one day in the year makes me go all teary-eyed. Have a great one no reason not to, there's a whole weekend to recover. And while you're nursing your hangover, you may want to have a look at the last day of the Six Nations Tournament tomorrow. Do cheer the right teams on though. Here, I'll help you work out which ones with my little pep talk.
France, go on, beat Wales or don't bother coming back. Ireland, do your thing, this would really be the weekend not to screw it up. Scotland... Scotland. Don't let us down now.
There, I believe you have all the info you need.

OK, let's give that a shot, then. A story, in 69 words
where will they stop?

I was blissfully alone in the middle of the lake when suddenly it dawned on me: what if… there was a shark? Nobody would hear me scream, I would die before anyone reacted. But I couldn’t die, I wasn’t even married yet! I couldn’t let a shark take my life when it still held so much promise – my life, not the shark. Quickly, I swam back to the lakeshore.

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