09 mars 2006

Is it Friday already?

It's Friday already.
It's Friday already!
Lately I've been having trouble keeping up with how fast time flies. Especially when compared with how slowly things are changing.
We're now in 2006. Had you realized that? We're now in March 2006. March! Where did January and February go? Oh, yeah, I remember where January went. Down the drain, that's where. And February crawled slowly back up to find itself on the tarred surface of a very crowded highway, trying to avoid zooming lorries left, right, and center. Hmmm.
And, today is the 1Oth of March. That's it, we've reached double digits in the third month of the two-thousand-and-sixth year of our lives. God I feel old all of a sudden.
But it's Friday.
See, when I realized that, I hesitated between cause for celebration (but let's face it, I don't really work, these days, so does Friday really mean something to me? And am I really that much of an altruist that I'd celebrate your weekend? Truthful answer to both would be, "yeah, kind of, no, really...") or reason to plunge down the deep, dank and dreary sewage system of depression. Go back to my friend January, so to speak.
But then I thought, hang on a minute, you sly, sly, sly... dammit, what's the word?! so-and-so. It might be Friday, it might already be the first-double-digited day of March, it might be March for that matter, but what does that tell us?
Only ten days before spring, that's what! And I am so ready.

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