07 mars 2006

Aaaannd... action!

You probably don't remember... Hell, I almost didn't.
Wait. Did I start a post exactly like that not so long ago?
Last year. Beginning of August. Seven months ago. To the day. Coincidence? Maybe. But I don't think so.
Right. Now that little stuttering phase appears to be over, let's have it, shall we? So, last year, I was advertising a site (and when I say "I" was, it's a figure a speech. As when I say "advertising". Hey, let's make a deal, you and me. Let's consider that whatever I say - figure a speech, aw raaht?), a collective blog, if you will, about Paris. Apparently, people think that in Paris, we live thrilling lives. Let me square things a little. We don't. If what you might read sounds thrilling, it's a bunch of lies! Or not. But chances are you'll never really know... because we'll never really tell...
However, lies or not, "they" thought that if you read about our pseudo thrilling lives, you might want to come and see the City of Lights for
yourselves and get a taste of that pseudo thrilling life.
To that end, they had a first selection process. And I was given a rose. Then they had a second selection phase. And I got another rose. Then they got into a lengthy testing phase (sorry, guys, you did a stellar job there, but come on. The testing phase? Lengthy.) And I finally got the bachelor.
Well. Nine of us got the bachelor, but we're hardly going to quibble now, are we?
So. Here. Voice of a City, live from Paris. Go visit. And then come visit.

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