01 juillet 2005

Let's hear it for the blog

I still have this horrible writer's block (heh, writer's block). Holidays are bad for me. Bad. Bad. Bad holidays. Apparently, not writing everyday (even though the notebook was always in the bag, oblivious of the mortal danger it was running of being attacked by the sunscreen, little action hero that it is) has severely damaged the little imagination I might have had until then. Or something.
I find this "or something" extremely useful, don't you?
Anyway, in a last-ditch effort to try and salvage my burgeoning career as a world-famous diarist, or something - see? -, I am trying to see if I can actually write something without having the foggiest about what I am, I fact, writing. Today's the 1st of July, I figured if I tried something, now was as good a time as any.
I've typed 10 lines - so far, so good. Or some... nah, just kidding.
No the problem is I'm really a fraud. I'm surprised I even lasted as long as 6 months. I think I'd said all I ever had to say when the first three or four days were up. It was all downhill from there.
Oh yes, and I did say world-famous. Because, let's face it, I am. I know, I know, we all are. But see, this is my space. So I am.
Right, this is getting me nowhere, let's change tacks.
Footloose is on the telly right now. Remember Footloose? Am I the only one here who, every time they watch a dance film, and I do mean every time, will think "right, this is it, I'm taking up dance lessons, in 6 months I'll be the new Jennifer Beals/Jennifer Grey/Kevin Bacon/Christopher Penn"? Chris Penn. Good grief. What is wrong with the guy? How did he go from what he was to what he is? Sure, it can't be easy having Sean Penn as a brother, but what on earth did the parents do wrong that one of them turned into an alcoholic (albeit reformed) with Madonna as an ex-wife and the other one has got a major substance abuse (well, food, but he's obviously having way too much of it. Waaaay too much)? And Jennifer Grey. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, OK, but why did she have to have that face job? I'm not even going into the whole John Travolta thing. (No, Jennifer Grey has never, that I'm aware, had a thing with John Travolta, I'm on the dance movie track here.) Jennifer Beals looks a bit silly. That leaves Kevin Bacon. He's OK. And he sure can move. Well, Kevin Bacon it is, then. OK, well, I'm taking up dancing. In 6 months, I'm Kevin Bacon. Except I really don't want his nose.
I'm exhausted now.

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