05 juillet 2005

Pretend I'm typing this there and then

I'm trying something again. I'd be willing to try almost anything in the name of blog.
So I'm now sitting at a sunny café terrasse on Place Gambetta, waiting for a waiter to notice the indistinct shape in the corner, said shape being badly in need of a cup of coffee to regain human form.

Ah, he's noticed.
Ooh, he's nice.
Anne, stop.
Oh wait, did I say "sunny terrasse"? It's suddenly clouded up and rain looks very much like clear and present danger. Talk about WMD. I've already ruined a pair of shoes, losing a second one would certainly be the equivalent of Imelda Marcos giving half her collection to charity: even if it seemed like a good idea at the time, the profound stupidity of it would very quickly be glaring.
Woah. This guy is using two of his fingers to pick his nose. Somebody's been keeping in touch with the child within.
Talking of children, my neighbours have moved out. The sweet sound of their infant son howling every other hour has now been replaced by hammers, drills, sanding machines and the like, a much, much welcome change if there ever was one. Considering that my upstairs neighbour still hasn't decided where exactly her sofa, table, chairs and high-heel shoes were most acoustically pleasing, and the blackbirds and jays are up and about at 4 in the bloody morning, I'm having very loud second thoughts regarding the purchase of this flat. Still, it did seem like a good idea at the time.
I'm right out of an apointment at anpe (a government agency that... helps... you find a job). I'm now scared out of my wits that I'll never be able to find a job again. Translators are not in such high demand - goodness, that other waiter is really nice too - and finding a job overseas does not look like it's going to be the walk in the park that I was anticipating. Still, resigning really did seem like an unbelievably good idea at the time.
Oh lord, I've just lost a retina from the sun, who evidently came out the winner from its brawl with the clouds, reverberating against the glass tabletop, my cell phone screen and the teaspoon, right into my unsuspecting and unprotected eyes.
Sitting here seemed like such a good idea at the time.

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