06 juillet 2005

Prions, mes frères

Today is the big day for 5 cities.
Mrs Mogul - for whom it must be like being caught between a rock and a hard place today, as she's a New Yorker in London - asked me yesterday if I thought that Paris was going to win. Welllllll... It's a toss-up, isn't it?
Perfidious Albion is doing its worst to make London Olympic host city, Paris is uncharacteristically (how on god's green earth do you pronounce this?) fervent in hoping we will be the chosen people, New York and Madrid are not as worrying as they used to be but you never know, and Moscow is pretty much out of the game.
I'm scared out of my wits. I so do not want to feel the same bitter disappointment as I did when Beijing was elected. But Sebastian Coe is one scary guy, and - not that I'm forgetting his athletic prowess - but can he be showing any more bad faith?
If it wasn't so... childish, it would be really quite funny to see how all the petty rivalries that ever existed between our two nations are being revived. Forget l'Entente cordiale, we're at war. Jacques Chirac has apparently added his two cents in Kaleningrad, saying, among other things, "you can't trust a people whose food is so bad". Mature. Funny, but mature. And for the record, I don't agree. You can't say that shepherd's pie, yorkshire pudding, and phosphorescent green peas are bad. Not to mention haggis, but we're talking about the English.
Notice how admirably unbiased I am, trying to be fair and showing both sides' faults and qualities? I need you to notice that because I might have to appeal to you and your testimony later on.
You see, I very much want Paris to win the Games, but if all else fails, if push comes to shove, if I-don't-know-any-other-phrase-meaning-that occurs, I'll put national pride behind, waaaay behind, and apply to whoever* will be host city. And I certainly don't want anybody saying " ah ah, you trashed us, and now you want a job?".
Plus, really, it's an apropos show of fair-play, isn't it?

* Should that be whoever or whomever?

Booh-ooh-ooh, as in update
Merde. Chier. Con.

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