27 juillet 2005


Yeah, well everybody's calling it WotW, so I thought I'd be a little different.
Just seen it.
Loved it.
Yes, I did, and don't let the rest of this make you think otherwise, it's just lies! Lies! Shut up Gladys.

No, really I enjoyed it. Well, except for this, and this, and oh THAT*. THAT was just blatantly taking the mickey, wasn't it?
And well, Dakota Fanning. See, I used to really like that wee girl. Now, I hear her yell one more time, I personally feed her to the tripods. With ketchup, syrup, Thousand Island Dressing, and vinaigrette.
No really, I enjoyed it. And I think it's safe to say that Tom Cruise is a good actor. There is a flash in his eyes at the end of the movie that was very reminiscent of his Oprah moment, I thought. And considering I haven't seen his Oprah moment, surely managing to remind me of it is testament to his incredible acting, no?
No, really I enjoyed it. Couple questions though (yes, I know, I always do that, but hey, I've been world-famous for, like, evah in my family for the number of questions that I can ask on any given subject). Did Spielberg produce SquareBob Pants McSponge? Cause it's on for an awfully long time. Similarly, did CBS finance the movie? And just how many liters of Fanta did they use??? Oh and, yeah, just remembered. Why this vehicle, and none other? And ooh, ooh, am I being paranoid, or the aliens, they have legs like frog legs? Was Spielberg trying to say that the French are the enemy? And what exactly happened? The narrator, all Morgan Freeman that he is, didn't quite explain it. Or did he? I mean come on, millions of years, people. You're saying the evilly intelligent aliens never knew?

No, I really enjoyed it. Plus, at the same time as THAT was really taking the mickey, I felt the symbolism of birth was really working.
Yes, I did apply to the New York Times Movie Review, and they didn't want me. Wonder why?

* Sorry, but you do realise that not everybody has seen it, and I can't go spoiling it for them, right? (let me leave clues for myself, though, so that when everybody's seen it, I can remember what it was. First there was the killing - so like something else. Second was the family gathering, for two reasons, first d'oh, and second how and why? No? Oh dear, already I can't remember what the why is for.

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