27 juillet 2005

People. I'm in a bad mood

Oooh, rant, moan, self-pitying! Haven't done that in a while.
Stop. I can be completely self-deluded if I want to. That's my prerogative. And no, I don't like Britney Spears.

Hey, I'm a bit fed up with waiting for the phone to ring and the e-mail to blink, telling me I've got a job, or an interview, or something that would make it worth the blind shot in the dark I took, so I'm going to go out in the rain* and see how the world lives without money. You enjoy yourselves and post lots of interesting stuff, because I'll be reading it all when I come back.

Anyway. The actual bad mood thing? That started at 5:20 this morning. How can it start so early, you ask in wonder? It's because I'm precocious.
A prodigy, if you will.
Tut-tut. If you're going to say something disparaging or that even remotely sounds like a reality-check triggering thing blah, kindly go back a few paragraphs. Also check the title. And the first sentence of this paragraph, while you're at it.
Actually it might have started at 10:30 last night. But I didn't read the signs properly.
See, last night, I was having a bit of a very nice blether with her (should that be "a very nice bit of blether"? You know what, we'll play it safe) - See, last night, I was having a very nice bit of very nice blether with her, and at some point I excused myself to go to bed, because my head was pounding and I wasn't feeling my best. That hot, heavy, stifling weather is not agreeing with me.
So I went to bed. And that's when it started. Let me give you a comprehensive background picture. Yes, I know, I'm really nice to you, pre-chewing everything when really you could be reading the whole 6 months' worth of archives because it's all in there. And it makes for very pleasurable reading too.
I'm handing you the stick to beat me with, aren't I.
Swiftly moving on. My flat overlooks a backyard, a very nice backyard indeed, with flowers, and wild plants and trees, and birds, lots of birds, making lots of chirping and other similarly annoying noises. Around this backyard proudly stand four buildings (except mine is really bending over and leaning on a stick - no, not the one you'll beat me with). That's a lot of people living with their windows open in summer. Because it's hot. And I'm no exception, I live with my windows open too.
Big mistake. So I was reading a little bit of Christopher Brookmyre's Be my enemy, because I physically can't go to sleep without a (n even) short read beforehand, and that's when it all started. Suddenly my downstairs neighbours, both parents and two young boy children type offspring, were living with me, in my very bedroom. And one of said offspring just didn't want to go to bed. And made it clear to everybody else, in the building probably. I'm not even sure they were being very loud, but I'm convinced they were all leaning outside their own window in turns to deliver their lines with maximum reach. Which is nice of them, you know, letting everyone participate in their everyday life. And once they started, it was really all like we were a big family. The people who live on the ground floor and have access to the "garden" were eating outside and just took this as the signal to start talking a bit louder, somebody let out the longest series of sneezes I've heard in a very long time (no kidding, there must have been more than 20, I'm wondering how his brain walls didn't give in), my upstairs neighbour (missed her, did you?) started, well, walking, flicking lights on and off, brushing her teeth... (yes, I hear all that) And some people just thought that it was all too much, so they started closing their windows. Loudly. Any more loudly and they would have been closing mine. It sounded like somebody had been caught trying to get in through said window, with the aim of getting out with stereo, TV, bed... Loud, and a bit violent. After a while, with all the sounds blending in, I got a bit paranoid, thinking that maybe there was a picnic for everybody and I hadn't been invited... Even people the street were joining in: I usually don't hear much (a bit of a luxury in Paris) thanks to the backyard, but last night, woo-hoo. Horns, sirens, they were all honking away like the wedding of a fireman was happening right there and then. At 10:30. At night.
But you know, I fell asleep. So that was good.

And at 5:20 this MORNING, someone screamed. And I mean screamed. And someone (the same person, I suspect) threw something, or several things, or ran into several chairs inconveniently placed in their way because lots of things fell to the ground, and the sound reverberated. That seriously scared me. I've been awake since then. I'm in a bad mood.

* No, it's not raining, you're right. But inside my head, it is.

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