02 juillet 2005


In a few minutes, he'd come in. She'd have to be really quick then. She couldn't let him talk to anyone.

Someone nudged her on their way to the bar.
"Oops, sorry. Well, hey! What's a pretty lady..."
"Save it."
She was as dry as a Schopenauer book. Too bad. He was kind of cute and she certainly hadn't pulled that easily in a good long while. Reassuring somehow to know her attractiveness was still there, despite the obvious disuse.

There he was, walking in like the world was at his feet. Well, honey, the world was rebelling big time. Rise up, stand and deliver.
He walked to the bar. He was going to order when she softly put a hand on his shoulder and the most engaging smile on her face.
The tiniest pinprick, he'd think it was her watch or her nail.
Hey presto.

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