30 juillet 2005

The sweet and sour taste of revenge

I might have woken up a few people today. Yay me.

We went to bed at past 2 a.m., knowing full well we would have to get up at 8 sharp. That helped me understand the "ignorance is bliss" saying. When you know you have to wake up less than 6 hours later on a week-end, you try to go to sleep quicker. Ah ah. Let me break it to you gently: IT DOESN'T WORK. At all.
So that, in the morning, you feel and look like not the brightest thing. And then revenge for a very very bad night strikes, and it makes you feel much better.

You have a loud case of the hiccups.

Now, of course, it could have been really good, if the only outcome had been waking up the neighbours. Except hiccups give me a headache and a sore tummy. And now I have to do the washing-up. Pooh.

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