20 juillet 2005

French culture, anyone?

So this guy on the radio was saying something or other about something or other, and it all sounded very clever, until he went "well, the over-65 in 2050, we have a good idea of how many there will be, because most of them are already born".
I thought I'd share.

Ooh, they're releasing an Iggy Pop anthology, or whatever you call it. Iggy Pop is sooooo sexy, and - for those of you who are wondering - I'm pretty sure my neighbour doesn't agree. Seeing the commercial makes me wonder if I agree with myself, though...

Canal + (formerly one of the most innovative channels in France, and the first cable channel) will be playing Desperate Housewives as of September. Considering we have Lost on TF1 (presently one of the crappiest channels), and - for our friends Down Under - The secret life of us (again on Canal), it's safe to say that we're keeping up with world culture.
Of course,
we already had adapted (or dubbed!) all of the real TV shows, so we weren't completely tardy.

And then we finished the evening in wonderful fashion, singing Our House along with
Madness, and watching Bono sing Bloody Sunday 20+ years ago, dancing with his white flag on stage. Men do age well.

What French TV programmes/songs have made their way to your own countries, I wonder?

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