20 juillet 2005


I've just (well...) realised something. I'm a cretin.
I've been reading high-quality blogs (and I do mean high-quality, some of them are so high-quality my head hurts when I read them, OK?) for a while, been having political talks for ever (hey, I'm French, that's how we learn to talk), been watching documentaries and soap-operas (know your enemy, right?) ever since I had a TV, and the blatent conclusion to that is, good lord, I am stupid.
So now, I'm looking at two possibilities.
Either I try and make it better. That's hard work. I'm half Corsican. Not sure I can cope.
Or I embrace the moron in me. And that's something I'm sure I can excel at.
Oh well. It was nice to pretend I had a brain.

Please, for those of you who knew all along that really I wasn't the brightest pea in the pod, don't make it worse. You should have warned me then, you can't gloat and go "I always thought so" now.

Also, for those of you wondering where the logic is here, it is currently racing through all that empty space in my head, going "HELP! I'm trapped!".

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