12 juillet 2005


What really happened yesterday:
My downstairs neighbour (guy, knows his vocabulary and how to use it, no overly long sentences) and a plumber came round for all of fifteen minutes.The wall was completely ignored.
I didn't see or hear from the managing agent, who by
the way cancelled our meeting for the evening (now kindly refer to my unbelievably accurate prognostication in the previous post).
The whole "we shall convene among ourselves" thing was also cancelled (well, can't get it right every time, can I).
Below is an excerpt from a phone conversation with my upstairs neighbour (don't get confused)
- Hi, Valérie, it's Anne. I got your message.
- Hiii. Did you get... Errrrrrrrr, yes.
- blabla bla bla
- blabla bla bla
- So I just emmmmmm wanted to know, because I know, I mean you told me, that eeeeerrrrrr if we were errrrrr having the meeting at emmmmmm the end of the week, say Friday, well, eeeeerrrrr, I think errrr, I seem to recall, emmm, it wasn't possible for errrrr you?
- Yeah, I'm away this week-end.
- Would errrrr, maybe emmmm another day be errrrr possible?
- What, this week-end?
- Well, errrrrr, yes.
- No. I'm. Away. This week-end.
- Aaaaaaah. Yes. Errrrrr. Well.
Upshot is, she'll phone me Monday morning to brief me. Can't wait.
And the thing is she really is sweet. She must learn to speak, though. Must.

In other more pressing news, I have to work on my Irish accent. Sometimes, the phrase "I'll head for the buses and take a taxi from there" pops in my head and if I say it, because I can't ignore the voices, it'll have to be in an Irish accent.
Please don't ask, and I won't tell lies.

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