28 août 2005

Wine, men, songs, and a disjointed post

Or food, wine, and songs.
Or food, more food, not a lot of sleep, songs (lots of them, very bad ones all of them. the best), and lots of alcohol. And then some.
It's a bit late, I haven't completely sobered up from the week-end's excesses, which were fantastic and mostly what the doctor had ordered. Excellent food, excellent wines, excellent digestifs, excellent children, very very drunk adults, wedding planned two weeks from now (how do you tell someone that sometimes "yeah, OK" doesn't actually mean "I do" when alcohol is still the main component of your bloodstream?), very long drive back...

This afternoon, I have an interview for a job which does not match what I'm looking for. At all. In no way. Whatsoever. Paris, PA, German the main targeted language... Use a job centre, they said. Hmmm. But I'm going for it anyway, if only because it's good practice. Wish me luck...? Or not.

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