17 août 2005

Firemen galore!

I'm meeting her today. I really should paint my toenails. They would be more presentable than their natural bland look. Who on earth is so lazy that they can't be bothered painting their toenails?? There you have it. I am. I can do many things at the same time, talk and smoke, smoke and drink, talk and drink... But I try watching TV and painting my toenails and that's the end of me. Or maybe it's not laziness. Maybe it's... dread. It might be that I'm paralysed with the fear of underachieving. Yes. That's it. Well, just think, what would happen if one of my nails looked slightly less painted than the others? Would I be frowned upon? Would the toenail feel rejected by its four closest siblings? Would it feel scorned upon by its five cousins? Am I that bad that I'm ready to inflict such trauma on an unsuspecting toenail?
And in the evening I'm seeing a friend that I haven't seen for a while and she wants to drag me along to some party. There'll be alcohol Diet Coke, so there's that, I guess. And that's where the painting of the toenails is important again. Who would be willing to go to a party on a boat on the Seine with their nails UNPOLISHED? And would my friend accept to take me there in that state? And what if she changes her mind? Can I ever be sure that she did change her mind because she just didn't feel like it anymore, or will it really be because I couldn't be bothered painting my toenails? I'm not sure I can take that kind of pressure. I think I'll stay in. Safer. Safer. Safer. Safer.

Oh dear Lord. I snapped out of it not a minute too soon, didn't I? One more repeat of the same word and I was ready to star in a Martin Scorsese movie.
Quick, let's change the subject before I turn into Howard Hughes again. Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is just as good the second time around.I hiccuped at the same scene as the first time. Turns out, there are some instances where I do show consistency... The worrying thing is my friends might have been just the tiniest bit ashamed of being seen with me. And my toenails. They weren't painted yesterday either, obviously. Also... a guy (charming) went all the way down to the screen and sang Happy Birthday to me in front of the whole crowd (the room was almost empty at that point, I hasten to add), because he'd heard my friends greet me saying it. He was sitting one seat away from me, and I was kinda looking forward to watching the film with him not too far away, when, at the last minute, in came an oaf who plopped himself down on the seat in between. Oh well. And then of course, he waited a bit at the credits, but didn't watch them entirely, and that did it for me. Can't have someone who doesn't watch the end credits, can I?

Oh yeah, and firemen were all over town yesterday. Nice.

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