04 août 2005

It was all downhill from a long time ago

Woke up kind of early this morning, and I don't know what got into me but after listening to all about that travesty of sport that is the return of Zidane to les Bleus, I switched MTV on.
Yeah, really. I mean like would I lie to you, right?
So I switched MTV on and I was hypnotised. This bunch of scantily dressed girls were all humping the air - nothing quite out of the ordinary there, eh. God I feel old just typing this. But really it kills me. Anyway this girl was singing, and her friends were all dancing along, and doing all the stuff that maybe Salt'n Pepa started with more talent. By the way, anybody know what's happening with them?
OK, so I started thinking (yeah, I'm really slow in the mornings these days), I'll change the channel, this is insufferable, I will not tolerate this under my roof and all kinds of things you heard your parents tell you. And then - because you know, I was paying attention... ugh - I really heard it. And I thought, no way. Not in the morning. This cannot be bad both in video AND in lyrics - and of course I'm not even judging the music. I'll wait to see who this is so I'm sure never to say "mmm, they're good, aren't they?" one day, when I'm caught off-guard.
The pussycat dolls. That's where I just have to rest my case, right?

And then MTV redeemed itself in a nano-second by playing The Killers' video with Eric Roberts*. Eric Roberts. Oh, and who does the singer's way of singing remind me of, please?
And THEN. Oh my. Then, just like that, they played Madonna's Don't tell me. Not a big fan of hers, but that song. That song. Love it. Loveitloveitloveit.

This might turn out to be a good day, you never know.

For some reason, I can't watch the video via this link, so I hope it is the right one and not some zoophilic porn, or something.

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