15 août 2005

Week-end wibble

About that title, now that I know what wibble means, I might as well use it, right?

"Hollywood doesn't want writers so much as secretaries with a flair for dialogue."
Peter McGowan (Kenneth Branagh) in
How to kill your neighbour's dog. That's all I have to say, I just like that quote.

My downstairs neighbour nearly prevented me from getting any sleep last night by playing Toni Braxton's Unbreak my heart yesterday. He was having a full-on 1994 revival party, and there were many cases of "ugh, not this song", but this one surely takes the cake. Especially as when it got air time (and did it get air time...), this is the song that would stay in my head for ever once I heard 4 seconds of it. It got to be so bad I was actually scared to hear it, for fear it would use up my brain entirely. And ever since then, and my goodness, that was 11 years ago, I've kind of been scared of the power of that song. Go on, it's a free download. Anyway, the music changed after a while, and went back in time to some decade when I wasn't yet born, and the last song I remember is Petula Clark's Downtown. Go. Go and read the commentaries.

The weather is shite these days. It's like the sky's sorry my niece has gone back home. One thing comforts me though, it's shite at my sister's place too. Ha. Nothing like a good "sorrier than thou" game to cheer me right up. I really am mad, aren't I.

Also, these are the last two days of my life as I know it. Because I say so.

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